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Safety-Switch 12HV (M6) from Multiplex #85008

Safety-Switch 12HV (M6) from Multiplex #85008

In stock
In stock
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MULTIPLEX SAFETY-SWITCH High Voltage (HV) switch harnesses are the ideal solution for the safety-conscious model pilot. The receiver battery (4 - 6 NiXX cells or 2S LiXX) is connected directly to the SAFETY-SWITCH circuit board. The actual switching function is carried out by reliable, high-performance FETs which are immune to vibration; they also feature very low internal resistance for ultra-low power losses.
A conventional mechanical slide-switch acts as the ON / OFF switching element; this makes it easy to see the operational status of the circuit. However, if a fault occurs in the slide-switch or its connecting leads, the electronic circuit always maintains the last active switched state (i.e. ON or OFF). This means that the receiver power supply circuit remains switched on even if the switch lead comes adrift in the air (e.g. due to vibration), i.e. the receiving system continues to function. If you use one of the TwinBatt types in conjunction with a telemetry-capable M-LINK receiver, both receiver battery voltages can be monitored at the transmitter.

The plus-points:
• Small and light, suitable for many applications
• Compatible with 2S LiXX batteries, no parts subject to wear
• Modern SMT construction for total immunity to vibration
• 6 A / 12 A continuous load capacity
• High-quality gold-plated connectors and large conductor cross-sections for maximum contact security and minimal transfer resistance
Both these switch harness feature a supplementary battery backer, and can be used as the basis of a dual power supply at any time: if one battery should fail, the second pack takes over the power supply of the receiving system. M-LINK and SAFETY-SWITCH. The SAFETY-SWITCH TwinBatt variants feature two sensor sockets designed for the voltage sensor (# 8 5400). If you activate the second measurement channel at the sensor, and connect a second sensor lead (# 8 5056), the two receiver battery voltages can be transmitted independently of each other and displayed on the transmitter’s screen.

The plus-points:
• Integrated battery backer
• Max. continuous current 12 A
• M6 high-current multi-pin receiver battery connector at the input end
• 2 UNI connecting leads (for connection to the "Batt” socket and one free servo socket at the receiver) (only # 8 5009)
• The 12 HV (M6) version also features the MULTIPLEX M6 connector system at the receiver end, allowing direct connection to MULTIPLEX RX-9 / 12 / 16-DR pro M-LINK receivers or MULTIPLEX RX-9 / 12-SYNTH DS M-PCM receivers.
• Two sensor sockets for monitoring both receiver battery voltages at the transmitter.