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Thermik XXXL, Schmierer-Modellbau

Harness Thermik XXXL, 8-Flap Wings 4,94m

In stock
In stock
Excl. VAT 81,93
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For the Thermik XXXL of Schmierer-Modellbau, we offer a completely pre-assembled wiring harness with crimped gold contacts.
Our focus is in the professional industrial design of the products. The central plug, 15-pin D-sub connector with crimped gold contacts, provides a durable and perfect transmission of electricity between the fuselage and the wing. Servoside are on all cable mating connector, to which the respective servos are connected. An assembly-friendly solution for the modeller will not exist. Furthermore, we transfer the lead for the positioned in the outer wing servos by an MPX connector. As already provided for the wings, and the harness of the fuselage with ready JR connectors is provided, so that the lead to the receiver is already in existence. In all contacts there are gold contacts. The product is tested to the customer prior to delivery and simulated.