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SF-25 C-Falke

Harness SF-25 C-Falke

In stock
In stock
Excl. VAT 74,79
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For the beautiful SF-25, a C-Falke of Bräuer-Model in scale 1: 3, we offer a completely pre-assembled and easy to mount harness. In addition to the functions of aileron, elevator and rudder of the tree includes the ability to supply the external lighting devices with power. Furthermore, the elevator, which is operated by two servos pre-assembled with an extension cable and attached multiplex plugs. As already provided for the wings, and the harness of the fuselage is provided with already finished JR connectors, so that the lead to the receiver is also available here.
To complete the package perfectly, you get the other the necessary extension cables for driving the elevator servos. The individual strands of the wire harness are designed in our products each having a thickness of 3x0.34mm² so that contacts can be accordingly used appropriately and coordinated.

In order to guarantee maximum reliability, each product is electrically tested before delivery to the customer and simulated under realistic conditions.