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  • Servo TITAN SHV digi5 Tourque from Multiplex #65153
Servo TITAN SHV digi5 Tourque from Multiplex #65153

Servo TITAN SHV digi5 Tourque from Multiplex #65153

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In stock
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These servos incorporate MULTIPLEX digi5 servo electronics, which is a further development of the digi4 servo circuit. Existing characteristics have been retained and further improved, and new ones added. Many features of digi5 electronics can be programmed using the MULTImate universal test and programming device (# 8 2094), and the new circuit offers a significant improvement in resolution. That means even more precise control, especially with modern RC systems with digital transmission technology (e.g. MULTIPLEX M-LINK or M-PCM). Another special feature is the option of programming what is known as an OLP, which protects the servo from overload conditions.

The following features are programmable:
• Overload protection (OLP)
• Resolution / operating travel (90/180°)
• Deadband
• Neutral point
• End-points
• Direction of running, transit speed
• FAIL-SAFE position and FAIL-SAFE ON / OFF
TITAN SHV digi5 TORQUE servo
Powerful premium digital high-torque servo with robust steel gears for use in largescale models.
The plus-points:
• New digi5 servo electronics for maximum positional accuracy
• Wide operating voltage range of 4.8 V ... 8.4 V
• Durable, high-strength steel gears
• High-performance bell-armature motor
• Aluminium heat-sink
• Two ballraces, bushed gearbox shafts
• Programmable using the MULTImate (# 8 2094)